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When it comes to your business website, you must ensure that your website adapts to different screen sizes and viewpoints as your clients or customers may use a tablet or mobile rather than a computer to access your website.

To help with this, here are some resources/websites to refer to:

  • – – we particularly like this website as it provides a comprehensive list of the sizes for monitors, tablets and mobiles in terms of both from a physical perspective as well as viewing sizes. There is also a popularity rating for each device so that you can ensure that you have optimised your website for the most popular devices. The website also includes a search function, the ability to customise the columns you want to be displayed and the ability sort columns in ascending or descending order. It is worth checking out as it has proved a valuable resource when working on client projects.
  • Website Dimensions: These Are The Most Common Screen Resolutions To Design For – – this article from DesignRush last updated on 19th June 2020 provides a guide to the 15 most popular screen resolutions both worldwide and in the UK. It also discusses whether you should opt for responsive design or mobile-first design. If you like stats and graphs to help justify responsive website design and this is the article for you. We have found it an informative article and helpful article and recommend that you give it a read.
  • Responsive Web Design –  The Viewport from W3schools – – this introductory guide from provides an explanation of what the viewpoint is and how to enable it on your website or ensure that your website developer/designer has enabled it on your behalf and the importance of sizing content to the viewpoint.   It is worth checking this guide out.

Have you got any other go-to resources or websites related to screen sizes/viewpoints, if so we would be keen to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

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