How to create your own Twitter carousels

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Did you know that you can create twitter carousels with 2-6 images or 2-6 videos? Here’s our guide of how you create them.

Step 1 – Sign into Twitter Ads Manager

To do this go to and log in with your usual twitter log on details if you are not already logged into twitter.

Once logged into the ads manager click cancel or the x in to top right hand corner of the pop up to close the campaign objective pop up.

If you haven’t used the ads manager before you may need to add your credit card details but you won’t be charged for creating carousel tweets provided you deselect the promoted option (more about this later).

Step 2 – Create the Tweet

To do this click on Creatives then Tweet composer (New).

Then select the carousel option.

Then deselect the Promoted-only option if you want to create free tweet.   Leave this selected if you want to create a paid tweet. 

Then add some text and hashtags into your tweet.

Next click on add media and add in 2-6 images or 2-6 videos.

Note you can’t have a mixture of images and videos in a single carousel.

Now you need to select your card type.   For a carousel tweet to work you will need to select a website card which is a link to a website of your choice or a app which will create a link to download your app from the App Store.

Do not select the no card option as the carousel will not work.

Then select Done and then Tweet and you Tweet will be posted to Twitter.  

Note with carousel tweets there is currently no option to schedule the tweet only publish it to twitter straight away.

And that’s all there is to creating carousel tweets.   Why not give it a try.   We would love to hear how you get on either in the comments below or via twitter @lucycalnan.

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