How to an add image or video to Twitter polls

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Did you know that you can use an image or video in a twitter poll? Here’s our step by step guide of how to achieve this:

Step 1 – Create a Twitter Ads Account

To do this go to and log in with your usual twitter log on details if you are not already logged into twitter.

You will then need to follow the onscreen instructions to set up your account including adding debit or credit card details. Note you your card will not be charged for creating poll tweets provided you don’t select the promoted option (more about this later). 

Step 2 – Log into the Brand Networks Composer

To do this go to the and sign in with your twitter account details. If you are logging in the Brand Networks Composer for the first time you will need to follow the onscreen instructions to Authorise the Brand Networks Composer to access your Twitter account . You will also need to select the Twitter Ad account that you wish to use.

Step 3 – Select the media poll option

Once you have completed step 2 you should be presented with a screen like the one in the screenshot. From here you need to select the Create a Media Poll option.

Step 4– Create your tweet

Then add some text, an optional image or video, and some hashtags into your tweet.

If you have issues with adding the image or video then use the twitter media library which is found in your twitter ads account under the creatives menu. If you add the image using this method then you will need to add you image or video to the media library before you use the Brand Networks Composer to create your tweet.

Now add 2-4 polls options and then select the amount of time you would like the poll to run for (between 5 minutes and 7 days.)

In the publish details section untick the Promoted Only box if with you want to do a free twitter poll.

Next select whether you would like to publish the tweet now or schedule it for a later date. Once you have done this then click tweet and your tweet will either be published straight away or scheduled for a later date depending on what you selected.

And that’s all there is to it.

Let us know how you have incorporated an image or video polls into your tweets.

14 thoughts on “How to an add image or video to Twitter polls”

    • Hi Patrick,

      I use the image size of 1024x512px which works well for me. The latest 2021 guidance is to use an ideal image size of 1200px X 675px and an aspect ratio of 6:9. In terms of resolution I use 300 dpi but you could use something bigger although you do have a maximum file size of 5mb when uplaoding images to Twitter.

      Hope this helps.



  1. Hello Lucy, my handle has been whitelisted but after I pick a photo\video I don’t see any “create poll” button. How come? Thank you for you kind attention 🙂 Emanuele

    • Hello Emanuele,

      You need to ensure that you are using the legacy composer in twitter ads manager in order to be able to add an image within your poll tweets. It will not work if you use the newer version of the tweet composer or a social media scheduling tool then it will not work.

      Let me know if you manage to get it working. If not I would be happy to put together a short video demonstrating how to do it for you.



  2. I tried adding the photo in legacy but whenever I press done to add it the poll icon disappears and vice versa, have Twitter removed this feature from Legacy?

    • Hi Filo,

      It sounds like your account has not been whitelisted by twitter to add images to poll tweets. Did you email twitter to ask for this feature to be enabled? If you have already done this and you are using the twitter ads manager ( legacy composer and it still does not work then I would email twitter again as this feature is still working within my account so it does not look like it has been removed.



  3. Hi Lucy–I’m getting this error message when I try to schedule the poll. Any suggestions?

    Error: Feature Not Available
    The account does not have the feature PROMOTED_MEDIA_POLLS

    Thank you,

    • Hi Caroline,

      You need to have a twitter business account which has been granted permission to use the twitter polls feature. If you do have a twitter business account then you can reach out to twitter via asking them to whitelist your account for this feature. If you are using a personal twitter account then I believe this feature will not work.


        • Hi Chris,

          Thanks for your comment. Have you got a twitter business account? If you do have a business account and you are unable to post poll tweets using the brand networks twitter composer then you need to reach out to twitter via as you need to have an account that has been granted permission to post poll tweets. If you have a personal account then you will be unable to post poll tweets using the brand networks twitter composer.



          • Thanks so much! This is what I got back from Twitter:

            “Thank you for your request.

            We have got your account whitelisted for posting longer videos.

            Further to use Media polls we would like to inform you that these services are deprecated and you can only set / create them with help from our API partners.

            For any Twitter API issues you can contact the dedicated team here- ( We are still here to handle all other queries related to Twitter ads.

            Hope this was helpful and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions.”

          • I have emailed the Brand Networks Composer team and they are clarifying with Twitter what you need to do and have said that they will come back to me. Will let you know when I have a response.

    • No nothing has changed the instructions still work provided you have an account that has been whitelisted for the twitter media polls feature. If you don’t have an account that has been whitelisted for this feature, then I am currently clarifying what you need to do to get your account whitelisted as the process seems to have changed.


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